"Canada first, country-of-origin second."

Immigrants For Canada interviewed on CBC Radio

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Immigrants For Canada was interviewed on November 17, 2011 on CBC Radio on the issue of immigrants adopting Canadian values, traditions and laws.

You can listen to the interview at www.cbc.ca/bluesky under the heading Immigration Integration, under the date November 17th, 2011).

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Immigrants For Canada Next Up on The Roy Green Show this Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

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Immigrants For Canada spokesperson, Paul Attia, will be interviewed by Roy Green this Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 on the topic of language requirements for immigrants.  We hope you can make the time to listen.  You can do so by visiting http://www.roygreenshow.com/.

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Government Puts Forward Policy Re: Language Requirements

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The government recently proposed a new policy requiring English or French proficiency before becoming a Canadian Citizen.  An article regarding this can be found here:

IFC’s Charter of Principles speaks directly to this issue; accordingly, we wrote to the National Post and advised them of our stance.  Our letter was published in the National Post on October 19th, 2011.  You can find it online here or read it below:

National post · Oct. 19, 2011 | Last Updated: Oct. 19, 2011 3:09 AM ET

Re: The Language Of Immigration Is Changing, Oct. 15.


The idea of immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship being required to have a working knowledge of French or English is not only a welcome one – it is overdue and obvious. The policy is not requiring all immigrants to Canada to speak one of our two national languages before arriving upon our shores, but rather is requiring it before becoming a citizen.


Applying for citizenship is an active step. You are saying, “I want to be Canadian.” The government – and the rest of Canada – is simply saying: “That’s great. Now prove it.” Moreover, speaking one of the two official languages will greatly assist new citizens in their earning power as well as their integration into Canadian society.


We are a group of immigrants to Canada who have worked hard to earn our Canadian citizenship, because we view as a privilege and not a right, and we are proud of it.


Immigrants For Canada, Ottawa.

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What Do We Mean by Canadian Values, Traditions and Laws?

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Being “Canadian” does not mean drinking only Tim Horton’s coffee, watching Hockey and listening to the Hip. No – those are only issues of surface culture. When we say being Canadian, we are referring to Deep Culture; one’s core beliefs. For example, Do you believe in the Rule of Law (namely that no one is above the law or below it); Do you believe in gender equality? Do you believe in Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech? These, amongst many others, are the basis of a free, and liberal democracy, which Canada has.

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Canada First, Country of Origin Second

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Canada First, Country of Origin Second. That is our motto. Catchy? Maybe. Controversial? Yes. But it really shouldn’t be. We are in Canada. Those who immigrated here chose to move here, so we should be pro Canadian, and if not, the question needs to be asked, why immigrate here in the first place? The “missing voice” referenced in our previous blog entry, is the voice of those Immigrants who Love and Support Canadian, Values, Laws and Traditions. These noble entities include Canada’s rich history as a liberal democracy that supports rule of law, freedom of speech and gender equality – to name but a few.

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